1.4.3 API docs

Related tools

NoFlo itself is just a library for implementing flow-based programs in JavaScript. There is an ecosystem of tools around NoFlo and the fbp protocol that make it more powerful. Here are some of them:

  • Flowhub – browser-based visual programming IDE for NoFlo and other flow-based systems
  • noflo-nodejs – command-line interface for running NoFlo programs on Node.js
  • noflo-browser-app – template for building NoFlo programs for the web
  • noflo-assemblyindustrial approach for designing NoFlo programs
  • fbp-specdata-driven tests for NoFlo and other FBP environments
  • flowtrace – tool for retroactive debugging of NoFlo programs. Supports visual replay with Flowhub
  • fbp-diff – Tool for visualizing changes between versions of a NoFlo graph

See also the list of reusable NoFlo modules on NPM.