0.7.9 API docs


  • Component: individual, pluggable and reusable piece of software. In this case a NoFlo-compatible CommonJS module
  • Component Library: an NPM module providing a set of components for a particular domain (for example, noflo-filesystem for file operations components)
  • Graph: the control logic of a FBP application, can be either in programmatical or file format
  • Inport: inbound port of a component
  • Network: collection of processes connected by sockets. A running version of a graph
  • Outport: outbound port of a component
  • Process: an instance of a component that is running as part of a graph (also known as Node in non-live graphs)
  • Runtime: an environment capable of running flow-based programs. For example NoFlo or JavaFBP
  • Connection: connection between an outport of a Process, and inport of another Process (also known as Edge in non-live graphs)
  • Initial Information Packet (IIP): predefined data packet sent to a defined inport of a Process

See also the Flow-Based Programming Glossary.